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What is involved in taking a forklift certifacation test?

I work at a factory called K.I.K. that fills and ships aresol cans... And currently my position in this place is a stacker... And all I do is stack boxes in the pattern that they tell me too... I am wondering what...

Forklift safety question.?

I received a sample test from my employer, it is a Forklift safety test. One of the questions is a little confusing, could use some help. Here is the question, When traveling down a ramp or incline: A. Back...

How to get forklift license?

where can I take a test for forklift license?

What do you think of a woman driving a forklift truck my friend wants to take this test and get a job, but?

she's very girly, would she have any problems getting a job if she was to pass? thanks

Forklift license help!?

well i need a license to drive a forklift and i already know how to drive and everything ! i've heard there some agencies that you only have to take a picture and they'll give you the license the same day...

How can i recieve or take a forklift license?

I work with this company that has a job offer as just a regular forklift operator and or driver (which will pay more then I'm making right now). The requirement is a forklift license in which the company doesnt...

Forklift truck license?

How do I go about taking a test for one of these? Thanks for the answers!

Forklift truck drivers?

Anyone out here have a reach truck license? Im not so much a novice becasue i know how the reach works, basic hydraulic knowledge and pre shift checks. A company i work for will be putting me on a training course...

I was seriously injured at work driving a forklift (no training or safty training)is my employer liable?

they knew i had no training and had only driven one a couple of times in past,so said they would put e for my test etc soon,i have only been there 2 wks an on fri had an accident where i lost control of the truck...

How can i get certified as a forklift driver.i live i new jersey.?

are there any schools i can go to take the test.....please help


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