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How to replace the valve cover gasket? And top end of engine diagram.

Do you have a upper engine diagram of the clark forklift #4G63

Need info for zenith updraft carburetor - how to identify it and make adjustments for running.

Clark Forklift, 6 cyl flathead, lift model C500-H-60, serial # H685 52 2915. Would like to know the year and engine type. Having problems making carburetor adjustments.

Clark lift C500y300L

Unit Clark Forklift - C500Y300L Do you have a parks breakdown for the mask lift cylinder if so please provide. We have not removed the cylinder.....is this a two way Cylinder or a one way Ram with no piston...

what kind of oil for clutch assembly .Clarkforklift Model#CHY70Serial#CH Y60D-11-20096-074

What kind of oil for clutch assembly for Clark forklift Model #CHY70D ,Serial #CHY60D-11-20096-074

Clark forklift cl241ec133 wire diagram

Starter wire is this a negitive ground or a possitive ground

Need to know if clark forklift model cl241ec133 is positive or negetive ground

Need wiring diagram for this unit

How to change seal on 1978 clark forklift model # C500 45

I have a 1978 4000# clark Forklift model C500 45 and need information to replace seal on main lift ram

On a clark forklift model c500 45 what is the proper hydraulic fluid level. How do i check it?

I'm not sure if i have the proper level of fluid and the operator's manuel does not provide this information. Appropriate levels and where i check the level.

Need Wiring/schematic for Clark JJ Forklift EC500 S30D w/GE_S_SCR controller #2318479

Where can I get a wiring diagram/schematic for this Clark forklift serial # 78 3793 FA Thanks!

Where can I find info and parts for a Clark forklift Y40 35KC81?

I just got a Clark forklift that needs work and parts. There are no identifying tags or info other than the model number above. It has no third member, so I need one. It is a dually and I need two of the split...

I'm looking for a transmission for a 1964 clark oy 180 bd forklift?

This is a hard to find transmission and even Clark Forklift can't get all the parts for this transmission. If anyone knows where I can get parts for one of these transmissions, or just get a working used one...

How wide is point setting for clark forklift c 20b-161 902lpg 1067?

is chevrolet c10 1965 pick up points the same as clak forklift


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