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Code E28 on Cat P6000 Lift

Getting Code E28 PHASE Sensor Error Signal on Cat P6000 Lift Truck running on Propane


Need wiring diagram for Clark C500-55

Looking for wiring diagram for C500-55 / LPG / Model C500-55 / Serial 355-293-2572 Build date 10/73 I bought this clark for my shop use off Ebay not running. There was a wiring short some wires were melted...


What does error code 77 mean on a CAT C6000 forklift?

Bought it used, no manual. Lift isn't working. Any ideas about this particular error code?


Where can I find AGV, LGV accident statistics ?

AGV is Automated Guided Vehicles. LGV is Laser guided vehicles


I have a Hyster Forklift Serial # B1D5404K. I need info on it.

Need water pump its gas 4 cyl.


Yale Forklift Service Manual GP050TENUAE080

I have a Yale Forklift Model Number: GP050TENUAE080. Looking where I can get a used service manual.


What is the value of my mitsubishi ESR24-15-16003 forklift

Capacity @ 24" Load Center - 3,000lbs Mast - Triplex Collapsed Height - 95" Lift Height - 216" Free Lift - 35" Fork Length - 42" Overhead Guarg Height - 95" Power - 24 Volt Battery...



Is a mast required by law


Is a mast required on a sitdown fork truck

We need to take a mast of a fork truck is this ok


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What is the highest the biggest and baddest forklift can reach?

What is the highest the biggest and baddest forklift can reach?


Where can i get a crown rc5500 repair manual

Where can i get a crown rc5500 forklift repair manual